Forward-looking Performance Review of the GCF (FPR2019)

  • Evaluation type Performance review
  • Status Completed in
    June 2019

At its 21st meeting, the Board of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) requested the Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU) to undertake the Performance Review of the Fund. It requested that the Forward-looking Performance Review (FPR) be undertaken while considering the current stage of the Fund's operations and with a view to the GCF being a learning institution. The IEU published the FPR on June 30, 2019.

Evaluation Documents

*Translated from the original English version of the document.

  • The GCF Secretariat Management response presents the response to the Forward-looking Performance Review of the GCF undertaken by the Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU).
    • GCF Secretariat Management response in video: part 1 | part 2
  • Following the GCF Evaluation Policy, Management Action Reports are submitted by the IEU to the GCF Board. They track the progress made in the adoption of recommendations made by IEU evaluations. The Management Action Report on the Forward-looking Performance Review of the GCF was submitted to the Board as an annex to the report on the IEU's activities at B.31 (GCF/B.31/Inf.09).