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The Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU) ensures GCF is accountable and effective

2023 work plan

At its thirty-fourth meeting in October 2022, the Board of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) approved a budget of USD 6,934,303 to fund the Independent Evaluation Unit’s (IEU) activities in 2023.

There are four key elements of the IEU’s annual work plan for 2023.

Building and strengthening the IEU

In 2023, the IEU is expected to have 26 staff members, 5 HQ-based consultants and remote and rostered consultants of varied experience and expertise. The IEU is also on track to stabilize team strength and reach a plateau in the following year.

The IEU also plans to request an external peer review of the evaluation function of the GCF in 2023.


The IEU will undertake three evaluations in 2023: 

  • An independent evaluation of GCF’s Operations in the Energy Sector;
  • An independent evaluation of the GCF’s Investment Framework; and
  • An independent evaluation of the GCF’s Readiness and Preparatory Support.

The IEU will also finalize the Second Performance Review of the GCF and will continue delivering its Learning-Oriented Real-Time Impact Assessment (LORTA) programme.

Capacity building and advisory services

In 2023, the IEU will undertake evidence reviews, synthesis notes, and learning papers on interventions in the water sector, just transition and development pathways. The IEU will also produce three learning papers on i) M&E systems in climate change interventions; ii) enabling environments for mitigation and adaptation; and iii) market-based mechanisms in climate change.

Uptake, communication, and partnerships

The IEU’s communication and uptake workstream acts as a knowledge broker between evaluators, the GCF ecosystem and the broader climate finance landscape. It will continue to ensure that the high-quality evidence, findings and recommendations from the Unit’s independent evaluations are effectively communicated, disseminated, used and incorporated into the GCF’s functioning and processes.

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