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The Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU) ensures GCF is accountable and effective

2020 work plan

At its twenty-fourth meeting in October 2018, the Board of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) approved a budget of USD 5,581,985 to fund the Independent Evaluation Unit’s (IEU) activities in 2020.

There are four key elements of the IEU’s annual work plan for 2020.


The IEU will undertake five evaluations in 2020: 

  • An independent evaluation of the relevance and effectiveness of GCF investments in the SIDS; 
  • An independent evaluation of the adaptation-related investments of the GCF; 
  • A rapid assessment of the Simplified Approval Process;
  • Continue the IEU’s Learning-Oriented Real-Time Impact Assessment (LORTA); and 
  • An independent synthesis of the GCF's accreditation process.

Capacity building and advisory services

The IEU will strengthen its capacity and advisory role through a wide range of learning and working papers:

  • Undertake two evidence reviews on results-based payment, private sector and transformational change, alongside a meta-analysis on financial mechanisms in adaptation;
  • Provide LORTA-based advice in terms of designs, indicators, baseline data collection methods and analyses to the GCF's Secretariat, accredited entities and project staff;
  • Work on method papers, including machine learning and incorporating behavioural science methods into practice, as well as assessing the portfolio for best practices in this area;
  • Deliver capacity building through videos, webinars and learning modules that communicate evaluation standards and methods to the GCF’s broad range of stakeholders.

Uptake, communication, and partnerships

The IEU will continue to produce and disseminate learning products and build partnerships using the following components:

  • Uptake its evaluations, learning and working papers across a variety of platforms to a broader audience, including webinars, videos and policy briefings, inter alia;
  • Reach out to a broader audience with more in-depth and fit-for-purpose communication products;
  • Develop and upgrade its website and social media channels;
  • Enhance the engagement across the diverse partnerships, including the GCF's Secretariat and the Board, accredited entities, national designated authorities, evaluation offices and experts, and other GCF partner agencies.

Building the IEU

The IEU will further strengthen its capacity as an institution. By the end of 2020, the IEU is expected to have sixteen staff alongside short-term consultants supporting sectoral and thematic assignments and long-term consultants supporting data-related needs. The DataLab is further enhanced to ensure producing highly credible, replicable and representative data not just from GCF-funding projects but also from broader climate finance datasets. The internal capacity of its staff is deepened through their involvement in in-house and external learning and knowledge-based engagement opportunities.