Independent evaluation of the adaptation portfolio and approach of the Green Climate Fund (Adapt2021)

  • Evaluation type Portfolio
  • Status Completed in
    February 2021

Climate adaptation is at the forefront of tackling climate change along with mitigation. The GCF is mandated to play a significant role in adaptation in developing countries through balanced funding for adaptation and mitigation.

The evaluation examines how the GCF – a young, large and ambitious multilateral climate fund - contributes to a paradigm shift in adaptation with greater scale, depth and duration in developing countries.

This evaluation started in January 2020 and was delivered to the Board in March 2021.

Evaluation Documents

  • The evaluation was commissioned by the Board in IEU Work Plan and Budget for 2020 at B.24.
  • The approach paper prepared by the evaluation team during the inception stage describes the approach, methods, and timeline and limitation for the evaluation.
  • The evaluation team further developed an approach brief to provide a pre-implementation summary of the Independent Evaluation of the GCF’s adaptation approach and portfolio approach to the private sector. It describes the evaluation’s context, purpose, scope, methods and country case studies.



*Translated from the original English version of the document.

  • The GCF Secretariat Management response presents the response to the Independent Evaluation of the Adaptation Portfolio and Approach of the Green Climate Fund undertaken by the Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU). This is a reissue of document GCF/B.28/17/Add.01, published on 15 March 2021, and does not incorporate recent developments.
  • In Decision B.31/13, the GCF Board took note of the Independent Evaluation of the GCF’s Adaptation portfolio and approach and the Secretariat’s corresponding management response. It further requested the IEU to present a management action report to the Board no later than one year following the adoption of this decision.
  • Following the GCF Evaluation Policy, Management Action Reports are submitted by the IEU to the GCF Board. They track the progress made in the adoption of recommendations made by IEU evaluations. The Management Action Report on the Independent evaluation of the adaptation portfolio and approach of the Green Climate Fund was submitted to the Board as an annex to the report on the IEU's activities at B.34 (GCF/B.35/Inf.02).