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To stay on top of international best practice and theory, the IEU participates actively and regularly in international evaluation-related events. It also shares information about many of these events. Here is a brief list of some important dates coming up in the next few months. Possibilities may also exist for your organization to collaborate with IEU in a conference, seminar, workshop or similar. Share your ideas with us by emailing Courtland Matthews at [email protected]



SLEvA Webinar: Country Led National Evaluation – Experiences and challenges from Sri Lanka and other countries
Date: 25 May 2020, 8 PM KST
Registration required
Registration link:
Webinar (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources): Inclusive conservation solutions for protected areas in a multifunctional landscape – the Dutch case
Date: 26 May 2020: 11 PM KST
Registration link:
IEU Virtual Talk: Climate change and biodiversity-related action in North Korea: Challenges and opportunity
Date: 28 May 2020, 4 PM KST
Registration required
Registration link:
CIF Webinar: Urban resilience and transformational change, considering the COVID-19 crisis and climate change
Date: 2 June 2020, 10:30 PM KST
Registration required:
Email to [email protected]
Nature-based Solutions Conference and Digital Dialogues
Session 1: Climate Change Mitigation – 7 July 2020, 8 PM – 1 AM KST
Session 2: Ecosystems – 7 July 2020, 8 PM – 1 AM KST
Session 3: By and for people – 8 July 2020, 8 PM – 1AM KST
Session 4: Biodiversity – 8 July 2020, 8PM – 1AM KST
Session 5: Financing – 9 July 2020, 9PM – 2AM KST
Session 6: Governing – 9 July 2020, 9PM - 2AM KST
Registration required:
gLOCAL Evaluation Week: Introduction to Transformational Change Concepts
Date: 03 June 2020, 10:30 PM KST
Event link:
CIF Webinar: Socio-economic development impacts of climate finance and just transitions
Date: 08 July 2020, 10:30 PM KST
Registration required:
Email to [email protected]
IASC 2020 Virtual Conference on Africa Commons
Dates: 13 – 27 July 2020
Registration required:
Evaluator Institute Summer Program (organized by Claremont Graduate University): Various virtual courses available
Dates: 20 July – 1 August
Registration required:
Online Webinar Course: Advanced Results-based Management and Theory of Change during and after COVID-19
Date 17-31 July 2020
*Registration fees required
Information link: