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To stay on top of international best practice and theory, the IEU participates actively and regularly in international evaluation-related events. It also shares information about many of these events. Here is a brief list of some important dates coming up in the next few months. Possibilities may also exist for your organisation to collaborate with IEU in a conference, seminar, workshop or similar. Share your ideas with us by emailing Courtland Matthews at [email protected]


25 July: Bonn, Germany - DEval - GCF-DEval Workshop on the Evidence Gap Map of Climate Change Adaptation - The objective of the workshop is to present the evidence gap map and to discuss its results and implications.The participants will discuss the potentials and limitations of the evidence gap map to inform evidence-based development cooperation for climate change adaptation.

15 July-2 August: Bern, Switzerland - International Program for Development Evaluation Training - The 2019 program will explore current developments in the field as well as approach different target groups with knowledge and experience in evaluation.

2-6 August: Location (TBD) - IPCC - 50th Session of the IPCC - The session will consider the Special Report on Climate Change and Land.

19-23 August: Songdo, Korea - GCF - Global Programming Conference - It will serve as a platform for GCF National Designated Authorities or focal points, Accredited Entities, and other stakeholders.

2-6 September: Kunming, China - AFDI & ADB - 2019 Asian Evaluation Week - The theme for the 2019 AEW is "Quality Evaluation for Better Results: Local, National, Regional Perspectives".

11-13 September: Bonn, Germany - DeGEval - Annual Conference on Evaluation and Sustainability - The conference will focus on sustainability and its role in evaluations.

23 September: New York, USA - UN - UN Climate Summit - The summit will focus on accelerating actions to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

26 September: New York, USA - UN - UN High-Level Dialogue on Financing - The agenda is being prepared.

30 September-4 October: Prague, Czech Republic - Eval Forward - 2019 IDEAS Assembly - The event aims to establish a platform for various transformative initiatives to come together and work on establishing best practices and the way forward.

8-11 October: Bonn, Germany - Adaptation Fund - 34th Adaptation Fund Board Meeting - The agenda is being prepared.

16-18 October: Santiago, Chile - Transformations Conference 2019 - The event aims to support transformative changes for addressing climate change and other contemporary societal and environmental challenges.

20-24 October: Hurghada, Egypt - National Evaluation Capacities Conference (NEC) 2019 - Building on the momentum created by past NEC conferences, it will examine the theme of 'Leaving No One Behind: Evaluation for 2030'.

23-25 October: Bonn, Germany - GDN- 19th Global Development Conference - The conference will look at the research-policy interface in pursuit of the SDGs. It will also mark GDN's 20th anniversary since its launch at the World Bank Development Conference in 1999.

November (Dates TBC): Songdo, Korea - GCF - 24th Meeting of the Board - The agenda is being prepared.

11-16 November: Minneapolis, USA - AEA - American Evaluation Association Annual Conference - An invitation for conversations among evaluators and thought leaders- on the evaluation profession's path forward.

2-13 December: Santiago, Chile - UNFCCC -UNFCCC COP 25 - The agenda is being prepared.