Independent synthesis of the GCF's Accreditation function (Accred2020)

  • Evaluation type Programmatic
  • Status Completed in
    June 2020

A key component of the IEU's 2020 Work Plan and Budget is an independent synthesis of the Green Climate Fund’s accreditation function. Accreditation is central to the business model of the GCF. As provided by the Governing Instrument, recipient countries nominate competent subnational, national and regional implementing entities for accreditation. In the GCF business model, Accredited Entities are responsible for delivering finance to developing countries. The synthesis is a desk study that examines existing evidence on accreditation. The final report of the study is presented to the Board at B.26.

Synthesis Documents

  • The evaluation was commissioned by the Board in IEU Work Plan and Budget for 2020 at B.24.
  • Terms of Reference
  • The approach paper prepared by the evaluation team during the inception stage describes a suggest method for a desk study that synthesizes the GCF’s accreditation function.
  • The evaluation team further developed an approach brief to provide a pre-implementation summary of the Independent Synthesis of the GCF Accreditation Function. It describes the evaluation’s context and aim, the accreditation function, output, timing and methods.

*Translated from the original English version of the document.



  • The GCF Secretariat Management resonse presents the Secretariat management response to the Independent Synthesis of the Green Climate Fund’s Accreditation Function undertaken by the Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU).
  • In Decision B.30/11, the GCF Board invited its members and alternate members to consider and provide comments on the findings and recommendations of five IEU evaluations and their corresponding Secretariat management responses. The list of evaluations included the Independent Synthesis of the GCF’s Accreditation Function.
  • In Decision B.31/06, on matters related to accreditation, the GCF Board took note of the findings and recommendations in the Independent Synthesis of the GCF’s Accreditation Function as well as other related IEU evaluations that covered matters related to the GCF’s accreditation systems, the Secretariat’s management response and views from the Board. 
  • Following the GCF Evaluation Policy, Management Action Reports are submitted by the IEU to the GCF Board. They track the progress made in the adoption of recommendations made by IEU evaluations. The Management Action Report on the Independent synthesis of the GCF's Accreditation function was submitted to the Board as an annex to the report on the IEU's activities at B.34 (GCF/B.35/Inf.02).