Rapid assessment of the Green Climate Fund’s Request for Proposals Modality (RFP2021)

  • Evaluation type Programmatic
  • Status Completed in
    June 2021

The RFPs modality is a key access instrument, in particular to mobilize the private sector.

An independent and rapid assessment of this modality will examine the efficiency and effectiveness of the RFP programmes, including the four pilots. This evaluation was submitted to the Board in June 2021.

Evaluation Documents

  •  The evaluation was commissioned by the Board in IEU Work Plan and Budget for 2021 at B.27.
  • Terms of Reference
  • The approach paper prepared by the evaluation team during the inception stage describes the approach, methods, and timeline and limitation for the evaluation.
  • The communication strategy developed by the evaluation team outlines how the IEU planned to disseminate the findings and learnings from the evaluation and provides an indicative timeline for key activities and engagement plans.



  • The GCF Secretariat Management response presents the response to the Independent Rapid Assessment of the Green Climate Fund’s Request for Proposals Modality undertaken by the Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU).
  • In Decision B.30/11, the GCF Board invited its members and alternate members to consider and provide comments on the findings and recommendations of five IEU evaluations and their corresponding Secretariat management responses. The list of evaluations included the Rapid assessment of the GCF’s Request for Proposals Modality. The Board also requested the IEU to prepare a summary of these views. The IEU included this summary in its 2021 Annual Report.
  • Following the GCF Evaluation Policy, Management Action Reports are submitted by the IEU to the GCF Board. They track the progress made in the adoption of recommendations made by IEU evaluations. The Management Action Report on the Rapid Assessment of the GCF's Request for Proposals Modality was submitted to the Board as an annex to the report on the IEU's activities at B.34 (GCF/B.34/Inf.10).