Independent Evaluation of the Relevance and Effectiveness of the Green Climate Fund's Investments in the SIDS (SIDS2020)

  • Evaluation type Portfolio
  • Status Completed in
    October 2020

A disproportionate impact of climate change is likely to be experienced by SIDS countries. Yet, their geographic size and location means that they are the least responsible for many impacts that are being felt today of increasing uncertainty of climate change. It is also clear that for the GCF, it is not useful or correct to use its learning from the rest of the portfolio that is located in the large continents of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, to the SIDS. GCF’s current investments in SIDS countries is approximately $830 million and this is reported to benefit 122 million people directly and 204 million indirectly. But these are distracting metrics since it is not just the effect on people that will need to be factored into but also of other aspects of the circular economy.

The SIDS evaluation asks:

  1. To what extent is GCF catering to the special context of SIDs: small size; relative distance; high travel costs; high number of endemic species; low to medium local institutional and human capacities, dynamic island populations, high cultural value; potential for high demonstration and relatively stable governments and markets.
  2. To what extent are GCF investments catering to the high potential for transformation within these economies and the potential for high levels of demonstration?

These questions will be answered by the evaluation. The evaluation will be delivered by the last Board meeting of 2020.