Learning Talk: IEU-DMA Roundtable on LORTA Impact Evaluations

6 September 2023

  • Event type IEU talk
  • Participation
    By invitation only
  • Date 6 September 2023
  • Location Hybrid


On 6 September, the IEU held a learning talk on learnings from the IEU’s impact evaluation programme - LORTA - in the form of a roundtable between the Independent Evaluation Unit and Division of Mitigation and Adaptation (DMA). The roundtable first focused on current programming trends within agriculture and climate information services, existing knowledge gaps, and how these can be overcome. The roundtable then broadened out to focus on the project design and review process.

Discussion highlights 

  • ‘There are so many factors as we see at the moment that can break that theory of change chain to sustainability. We saw that with Covid, so it's quite an ambitious task for all of us.’ – Anastasia Aladysheva, Impact Evaluation Specialist a.i., GCF-IEU

  • ‘We need to look at how our projects are impacting or changing behaviours. Behavioural change is so important for sustainability.’ – Joseph Intsiful, Senior Climate Information and Early Warning Systems Specialist, GCF-DMA 

Learning outcomes

  • Findings from the impact evaluation of FP002 in Malawi show positive impacts on agricultural adaptation, a decrease in ganyu labor, and no significant impacts on livestock or food security.

  • Early findings from the endline of the impact evaluation of FP069 in Bangladesh indicate an increase in women’s engagement and income, increased food security, and an increase in the perceptions of household preparedness against future weather events.

  • Midline results from the impact evaluation of FP026 in Madagascar show a widespread adoption of conservation agriculture practices, improvements in food security status, and fewer households conducting environmentally unsustainable activities.

  • The DMA draws on a range of resources to review GCF project designs, including literature reviews, directly working with accredited entities and partners, and local knowledge.

  • Work remains to understand how we can better assess the long-term impact of projects.


  • Anastasia Aladysheva, Impact Evaluation Specialist a.i., GCF-IEU

  • Susumu Yoshida, Evaluation Specialist in Implementation Science, GCF-IEU

  • Gabriel Boc, Senior Agriculture and Food Security Specialist, GCF-DMA

  • Joseph Intsiful, Senior Climate Information and Early Warning Systems Specialist, GCF-DMA


  • Martin Prowse, Evaluation Specialist, GCF-IEU