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Learning papers

The IEU engages with and contributes to debates on climate evaluation, low-emission pathways and climate-resilient development. The IEU Learning Paper Series encourages discussion on these topics and distributes findings from the Unit’s work. The authors are IEU staff, consultants or are from partner organisations.

Behavioural science, decision making and climate investments

by Emma De Roy, Chaning Jang, Cornelius Krüger, Mathilde Lugger, Fatima Moussas, Wairimu Muthike, Alina Ojha, Nathanial Peterson, Martin Prowse, Dhwani Yagnaraman, Jyotsna Puri (2021)

Assessing the likelihood for transformational change at the Green Climate Fund

by Jyotsna Puri (Jo), Martin Prowse, Emma De Roy, David Huang (2021)

How to bridge the gap between complexity science and evaluation - A new analysis tool as a first step

by Karoline Wiesner, Jyotsna Puri, Andreas Reumann (2020)

Going the Last Mile: Behavioural Science and Investments in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

by Cornelius Krüger, Jyotsna Puri (Jo) (2020)

Effectiveness of Forest Conservation Interventions: an Evidence Gap Map

by Jyotsna Puri (Jo), Solomon Asfaw, Romain Pirard, Sven Wunder, Amy E. Duchelle, Medha Bulusu, Henri Petit and Mariana Vedoveto (2019)

Transformational Change: the Challenge of a Brave New World

by Jyotsna Puri (Jo) (2018)

Working papers

The IEU Working Paper Series offers an outlet for works-in-progress with the aim of disseminating early findings for feedback and reflection. The authors can be internal or external to the IEU.

Machine learning and its potential applications in the Independent Evaluation Unit of the Green Climate Fund: A scoping study

by David Huang, Byungsuk Lee, Hellen Nassuna, Martin Prowse (2021)

Challenges in real-world impact evaluations: Some learning on costs and timeliness

by Jyotsna Puri (Jo), Francis Rathinam (2019)

Complexity, climate change and evaluation

by Jyotsna Puri (Jo), Sadie DeCoste (2019)

Becoming bigger, better, smarter: A summary of the evaluability of Green Climate Fund proposals

by Nathan Fiala, Jyotsna Puri, Peter Mwandri (2019)