• Video type IEU video
  • Video date 13 Nov 2020

Spotlight: Independent Evaluation of the GCF's Environmental and Social Safeguards

Social and environmental performance and co-benefits are key to the mandate of the GCF and its environmental and social policy (ESP).

Our evaluation had three main objectives.

The first was to assess the extent to which the GCF is effectively preventing, mitigating and managing potential adverse environmental and social impacts of GCF-funded projects.

The second was to assess the extent to which the GCF is effectively promoting environmental, social, economic and development co-benefits, and taking a gender-sensitive approach, by replacing the traditional “do no harm” approach with a “do good” approach.

The third was to assess how well the GCF is monitoring and reporting on environmental and social impacts and co-benefits.

Meet the team behind the evaluation and learn more about the key findings of our report.

Read the full report here. 

This video was directed, produced and edited by Iben Holstener Hjorth. It features Yeonji Kim, Andreas Reumann, Dr. Jyotsna Puri, Mitch Carpen and Peter Mwandri.