• Video type IEU video
  • Video date 03 Jul 2023

Appreciation Message for the GCF from Bhutan

In May 2023, the IEU undertook a mission to Bhutan as part of the Independent Evaluation of the GCF's Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme (RPSP2023). During the mission, the team visited some of the field sites of GCF project FP107: “Supporting Climate and Transformational Change in the Agricultural Sector in Bhutan”. 

One of the project’s activities increased access to water for the community. During the visit, a group of project beneficiaries from the Water Users Association shared a thank-you message, and a token of their appreciation. The IEU wishes to pass on the message of the project’s Water Users Association to the decision-makers in the GCF.

This video was created by Josephine Wambui Ngala.