The IEU's Cornelius Krüger discusses the role of behavioural science in addressing the climate challenge in 'Climate Chats' podcast

  • Article type Podcast
  • Publication date 17 Mar 2020

This month, IEU's Cornelius Krüger was invited as a special guest on the popular 'Climate Chats' podcast. Cornelius discussed his research in behavioural science and how insights in the field can be used to address the climate challenge. 

You can listen to the full episode and subscribe to the 'Climate Chats' podcast here.  Be sure to also check out Cornelius' past IEU blog post 'Can a better understanding of human behaviour be the key to fighting climate change?'

The podcast is organized by the Research and Transfer Centre "Sustainability and Climate Change Management" at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. The centre is also sponsoring the upcoming 7th Climate Change Online Climate Conference 'CLIMATE2020' taking place from March 23 to 30. 

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