'The Evaluator' Episode 6: Measuring change with randomized controlled trials: The story of the G-Saver

  • Article type Podcast
  • Publication date 01 Dec 2020

This episode of 'The Evaluator' features Professor Hyun Shin, Associate Professor of Marketing at Hanyang University and editor of the Korea edition of the Stanford Social Innovation Review.

In the podcast, Professor Hyun Shin tells the story of the G-Saver, a heat accumulator that can reduce coal consumption by up to 45%. The G-Saver has been implemented in Mongolia since 2010. Listen to the episode to hear about Professor Hyun Shin’s experience of implementing a randomized controlled trial to measure the impact of the G-Saver.

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This podcast is based on the IEU Virtual Talk: Measuring Impacts from Diverse Angles: The Case of Good Sharing in Mongolia, held in February, 2020. The views expressed by guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Independent Evaluation Unit of the Green Climate Fund.