SEI's Kevin M. Adams discusses climate finance and transboundary risk

  • Article type News
  • Publication date 20 May 2019

During the last week of April, Kevin M. Adams and Adis Dzebo from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) visited the IEU. On April 30, Kevin gave a lunch talk on climate finance and transboundary risk. His presentation noted how transboundary climate risks can have significant implications for climate policymakers thinking about vulnerability and risk. Included below is a summary of Kevin's presentation as well as key points and sub topics in his discussion.

Presentation Summary of Climate Finance and Transboundary Risk


Lunch Talk Highlight: What is a Transboundary Climate Risk?


Lunch Talk Highlight: Financing Transboundary Climate Risk Reduction


Lunch Talk Highlight: Transboundary Adaptation Planning


Check out our YouTube channel for the full video of Kevin's discussion as well as other videos from our past lunch talks!