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IEU shares approach paper on assessment of the GCF's Simplified Approval Process (SAP)

By Independent Evaluation Unit, Green Climate Fund

The Simplified Approval Process (SAP) Pilot Scheme was approved by the Board with the objective to introduce simplifications (based on best practices) to the GCF project cycle for a particular set of projects: less than $10 million of GCF contribution, low to minimum environmental and social risks and proposals that are ready to be scaled up. 

At B.24, the GCF Board requested the IEU conduct an assessment of SAP with a view both to inform the Board on the performance of the SAP and to support the SAP's further development. 

This paper presents the IEU's approach for the independent assessment it will conduct of the SAP as well as the approach for the critical assessment of the Secretariat's review. 

Learn the basics of our SAP assessment with our IEU Brief. 

For a more detailed examination of our approach to the SAP assessment, read the full paper here.