IEU gains membership of UN Evaluation Group

  • Article type News
  • Publication date 26 Jan 2022

26 January 2022 (Songdo): The Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU) of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) has gained membership of the United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG). With this achievement, the IEU of GCF joins 51 other UNEG member organizations, which include the respective evaluation units of UN Environment Programme (UNEP), International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), World Health Organization (WHO) and others. 

The IEU has been a UNEG observer since September 2017 and submitted its application for UNEG membership in May 2021, following the GCF Board’s adoption of the Evaluation Policy for the GCF. The IEU developed the Evaluation Policy for the GCF, together with the GCF Secretariat, and is in the process of developing corresponding evaluation standards. The IEU’s application for UNEG membership was accepted by the UNEG Heads on 25 January 2022.

“This is great news indeed for the IEU and the GCF as a whole. To make this achievement possible, the IEU has demonstrated its top-notch evaluation practices and methods as well as the supporting policy frameworks and tools. I would like to thank all IEU team members for all their support and their excellent work in evidence-based evaluations that help the GCF become faster, smarter, and better. My appreciation also goes to the GCF Board for adopting the Evaluation Policy for the GCF in 2021, which was significant in the UNEG’s decision to approve the IEU’s application for full UNEG membership,” said Mr. Andreas Reumann, head a.i. of the IEU.  

UNEG is an interagency professional network that brings together the evaluation units of the UN system and affiliated organizations. It sets the UN evaluation normative framework to reflect good practices in evaluation and reflect innovative developments in the field. It advocates for the strategic use of evaluations in all UN entities and beyond to inform decision-making and enhance results. Full members of UNEG are entitled to:

  • Benefit from the support of UNEG and its members in evaluation-related matters.
  • Vote in UNEG elections and other specific matters.
  • Participate in identifying and prioritizing UNEG’s strategic direction and activities.

With this decision, the head a.i. of the IEU will also join the Annual General Meeting of the UNEG, held virtually on 26-28 January 2022, as one of the UNEG Heads.

For further information, please contact IEU’s Communications Officer Yeonji Kim at [email protected].