GCF Board requests evaluation policy

  • Article type News
  • Publication date 20 Aug 2018

Update on evaluation policy rollout

The IEU has been working with an array of partners in developing the GCF’s evaluation policy, as requested at the nineteenth meeting of the Board. To ensure the new policy achieves a broad consensus of support among developed and developing countries, the IEU has been conducting consultations in various formats to help ensure it reaches the broadest audience.

These have included engaging two consultants to undertake telephone interviews and discussions at the B.19 meeting, as well as conducting meetings with members of Civil Society Organizations, staff at the GCF secretariat, and heads of the Independent Units of the GCF.

IEU has also conducted global-wide webinars for countries across four international time zones. The webinars addressed such questions as:

  • What do you expect to see in an evaluation policy at the GCF?
  • Do you have any good practices you would like to recommend?
  • How can the policy be best designed to help the GCF achieve its objectives and deliver to its member countries?

Similar questions were addressed during focus group discussions and consultations with National Designated Authorities and Accredited Entities during GCF Structured Dialogues in Mali and Viet Nam.

The development of the GCF’s Policy requires extensive liaison with a range of principal stakeholders. Some of these include GCF Board members, GCF Secretariat and independent unit staff, along with representatives from Civil Society Organizations, National Designated Agencies, Accredited Entities, the IEU Advisory team and the Evaluation Policy reference group – an external reference group consisting of heads of evaluation of major international and United Nations agencies, including the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the World Food Programme and the United Nations Development Programme.

The evaluation policy will incorporate best practices in the field of evaluation while also ensuring it reflects the content and concerns relevant to the GCF. Provision is made in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for evaluation reports to be provided to the Convention.

The GCF Evaluation Policy will be considered for approval by the GCF Board in early 2019. You can learn more about IEU’s efforts to develop the GCF’s evaluation policy in the IEU-prepared evaluation policy approach paper.

By Greg Clough, Communications and Uptake Consultant