The GCF Board Approves IEU’s 2018 Work Plan and Budget

  • Article type News
  • Publication date 08 Mar 2018

Last week, GCF's Board approved IEU's 2018 Work Plan and Budget for an overall amount of $2,953,867. An overview of the approved activities for the year includes:

Staffing: IEU will have eight staff and a full complement of consultants (4-6) and 4-6 interns by the end of 2018.

Evaluation policy: IEU will finalize GCF's evaluation policy in 2018. o Evaluation: IEU will examine the GCF's Readiness Program.

The Learning-oriented real-time impact assessment window (LORTA): The IEU will work with researchers and managers on 4-6 GCF projects to demonstrate designs and formative work necessary for measuring causal impact and ensuring learning in real-time.

Review: IEU will review GCF's results management framework and deliver a final report to the Board before 2019.

Two evidence maps: The IEU will support two evidence maps that showcase and consolidate rigorous evidence in two areas relevant to the GCF. The first evidence map will showcase evidence on transformative change. The second will showcase high quality causal and attribution evidence on adaptation.

Evaluability assessments: These will require the IEU to ask the extent to which the impacts of GCF's approved projects evaluable? A report will be finished by August 2018.

Method papers: IEU will produce two methods papers that examine the relevance and use of cutting-edge methods in climate change evaluation. The first will focus on the implications of complexity. The second will examine the use of 'big data' for climate change evaluations.

Training: IEU will train staff from accredited entities, create training videos, and assess the capacities of our stakeholders.

Partnerships: IEU will strengthen partnerships to leverage thematic, methodological expertise and geographic presence.

The IEU will keep you informed of its achievements and challenges moving forward.

Download the IEU's Work Plan and Budget for 2018