The IEU at International Women's Day Panel Discussion on Climate Technology and Innovation

  • Article type News
  • Publication date 09 Mar 2023

[Repost from the Women at GCF Green Shift Page written by Udgeet Sachdev]

On March 8, 2023, the International Women's Day event themed around technology and innovation for gender equality, proved to be an excellent celebration of the strides made towards gender equality in the climate technology and innovation space. Moderators Beena Ramdas, ICT Project Management Specialist, and Udgeet Sachdev, OHR/DEA intern, opened the event and set the tone for a productive discussion.

Through Executive Director Yannick Glemarec's speech he shared how GCF leverages technology and innovation to strive for gender equality, not only in programming but also in operations, highlighting that senior management roles are taken up by 60% women at GCF HQ. This achievement is a matter of great pride. Additionally, Dr. Rose Mwebaza, Director and Advisory Board Secretary of the Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN), shared a video message emphasizing the importance of women in technology and innovation and highlighted the impactful partnerships and work the CTCN is doing in this field.

The panel discussion that followed was the highlight of the event, featuring esteemed panelists, including Jaewon Kim, Capacity Building and Network Engagement Specialist at CTCN; Genta Konci, Evaluation Specialist at IEU; Aiko Ward, Data Management Specialist at DPM; and Magali Reyes Henkel, Chief Administrative Officer at DSS. The panelists shared personal stories, experiences, and conversations about the opportunities and challenges of closing the gender gap in their spheres of work. They also shared observations and interventions needed to promote gender equality, such as support from men and women and the foundation of Ally Ship as the new norm. Hong Paterson, COO, and CFO, also shared her journey and words of inspiration, wishing everyone present a happy Women's Day.

After the event, a wholesome social event was held at the heart of OGC, where women at GCF came together to connect, share food, and laughter. This social event was a great way for women to network and build relationships, underscoring the importance of creating spaces for women to connect and support each other.

We hope that events like this will continue to inspire and motivate women.