Learning Talk: Climate Finance Research & the GCF + Networking Reception

9 November 2023

  • Event type IEU talk
  • Participation
    By invitation only
  • Date 9 November 2023
  • Location Hybrid


On 9 November, the IEU held a Special Learning Talk on Climate Finance Research and the GCF. During the talk, climate finance experts from around the world introduced their latest research on the GCF and topics of climate finance. Audience members then had the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the panellists.

Discussion highlights 

  • ‘Vulnerability is not just a kind of low-capacity context. It's largely because of their extremely high exposure. They're really on the front lines of climate change. They have an urgency for finance that's over and above most other countries.’ – Pia Treichel, Researcher and Lecturer, Monash University, on the vulnerability of SIDS in particular.

Learning outcomes

  • A greater understanding of the perspectives of the research community on GCF and climate finance, covering a range of topics from access to the GCF and climate finance, to the role of investment criteria in project design and the potential of locally led adaptation

  • Ideas for mutually beneficial research and evaluation directions for climate finance researchers and the IEU to enhance insight and inform GCF operational and strategic performance.

  • Opportunities identifies for the GCF and IEU to engage with a broader research community of practice on issues related to the GCF and climate finance more broadly.


  • Natalia Alayza, Manager, Sustainable Finance Center, World Resources Institute

  • Melanie Pill, Research Fellow, Lowy Institute

  • Pia Treichel, Researcher and Lecturer, Monash University

  • Laura Kuhl, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University

  • Ben Cashore, Professor in Public Management, National University of Singapore

  • Bertha Argueta, Senior Advisor, Germanwatch


  • Dr Archi Rastogi, Chief Evaluation Advisor, GCF-IEU