IEU's Yeonji Kim highlighted in blog by Korea’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

  • Article type IEU in the news
  • Publication date 08 Dec 2020

IEU’s Communications Officer Yeonji Kim talks about her exciting job at the IEU and what career steps she took prior to joining the world’s largest multilateral climate fund, in a recently published blog post (in Korean) by Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). The blog called "MOFA-rang" means "together with MOFA" and is compiled by Eunyoung Choi. The blog post is part one in a series on the various UN agencies and international organizations located within G-Tower. 

Photo courtesy of MOFA-rang blog

As the blog is for young people and job seekers who are interested in careers in international organizations, Yeonji gives her career tips as someone who went from a UN intern (at UNHCR-Malaysia) to a consultant (at UNESCAP) and to a Junior Professional Officer (at UNFCCC in Bonn) and to an international staff at GCF. She also highlights the important role that the IEU plays for the GCF’s accountability and learning functions and the various works that the IEU’s communications workstream does to ensure that key messages from IEU’s evaluations reach targeted audiences.

Photo courtesy of MOFA-rang blog

Be sure to read more from Eunyoung Choi at the MOFA-rang blog

Congratulations Yeonji!