Evidence review: Private sector investments in mitigation


Private sector investments have the potential to contribute significantly to climate change mitigation. This evidence review will produce an evidence gap map, an intervention heat map, and a systematic review. Together, these products will examine the evidence base on private sector investment in mitigation and assess which modes of funding are most effective and efficient in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, this review will inform the degree to which the GCF allocates funds appropriately and in line with the current evidence base.

The evidence gap map and intervention heat map will answer the following questions:

  • What evidence exists with respect to the effectiveness and efficiency of private sector mitigation investments?
  • Where has the GCF allocated project finance to date within the intervention/outcome framework developed for the evidence gap map?

The systematic review will answer the following questions:

  • Which private sector mitigation investments have been most effective and efficient at reducing emissions and achieving the highest private and social rates of return?
  • How can these interventions be clustered most effectively to allow aggregation and meta-analysis?
  • To what extent have the form of the financial instrument and/or the institutional architecture determined rates of emission reduction and profitability within groups of interventions?