LORTA Virtual Design Workshop 2020

21 September - 16 November 2020

  • Event type Webinar
  • Participation
  • Date 21 September - 16 November 2020
  • Location

The third LORTA Design Workshop was held online from 21 September to 16 November 2020. The participants were representatives from different GCF divisions, impact evaluation specialists from the Centre for Evaluation and Development and other entities, representatives of GCF Accredited Entities, implementing partners and project staff from 16 GCF-funded projects. The workshop aimed among other goals to increase the participant's knowledge about impact evaluations, provide them with the opportunity to discuss viable impact evaluation designs for their respective projects and identfy promising GCF-funded projects for further engagement under the LORTA programme.

The recordings of two webinar sessions are available on the IEU YouTube Channel as listed below. 

Evaluation Questions and Indicators

Experimental Impact Evaluation Methods

You can find further information on this workshop in LORTA's 2020 Inception Report.