Learning talk: Enhancing capacity of accredited entities - an independent view

14 June 2023

  • Event type IEU talk
  • Participation
    By invitation only
  • Date 14 June 2023
  • Location Hybrid

On 14 June, the IEU held a learning talk on enhancing the capacity of accredited entities.

This learning talk outlined the current approach to enhancing capacity of accredited entities in evaluation, integrity and redress by IEU, IIU and IRM respectively.

At the event, the IEU, IIU and IRM discussed how their mandates support and contribute to capacity building of accredited entities.

  • The IEU not only advises the Board on lessons learnt from evaluations, and plays a role to support the GCF as a learning institution, but also supports the evaluations units of intermediaries and implementing entities of the GCF.
  • The IIU promotes awareness of GCF standards internally and in implementing entities as well as enhancing capacities of entities to effectively prevent, respond to, mitigate and remedy prohibited practices.
  • The IRM enhances capacities of direct access entities related to grievance mechanisms and procedure to better understand their needs and identify the best way to strengthen them.
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