Learning Talk: Accreditation at the GCF

25 January 2023

  • Event type IEU talk
  • Participation
    By invitation only
  • Date 25 January 2023
  • Location Hybrid

On 25 January, the IEU organized a Learning Talk on Accreditation at the GCF.   

The GCF’s approach to accreditation is unique. It facilitates national, regional, and international entities' access to GCF resources, and these entities need to be nominated by the national designated authority (NDA) and meet the GCF’s fiduciary, environmental and social safeguards and standards. Recently, the Board has approved a new Accreditation Framework (B.31) and Accreditation strategy (B.34).  

The event explored the evolution and performance of the accreditation process at the Fund. The discussion included the role and mandate of the Accreditation Committee and Accreditation Panel, how the entities can better realise the full extent of their accreditation scope in programming and capacity building, as well as re-accreditation. In addition, this talk provided an opportunity to discuss areas of divergence on the matter within the GCF Board, to be further considered at B.35. Invited experts also highlighted the value added of the accreditation process that helps accredited entities strengthen and streamline their internal systems and capacities. The event was attended by over 50 participants from the Secretariat and Independent Units of the Green Climate Fund.  

The event opened with a presentation by the IEU’s Evaluation Advisor a.i, Archi Rastogi. Archi presented findings and recommendations from IEU's past evaluations on country ownership (COA2019), forward-looking performance review (FPR2019), and accreditation synthesis (ACCRED2020). The evaluations underlined the lack of an accreditation strategy that hinders the establishment of an optimum portfolio. The findings also brought to attention the lengthy process of accreditation that is delayed due to multiple reasons, including the design and implementation of the process and legal negotiations. Archi underlined the Secretariat’s key role in policy facilitation, which can help resolve differences within the Board and streamline the accreditation process. 

Following Archi’s presentation, Olena Borysova, Senior Accreditation Specialist, GCF Division of Country Programming, shared her views on accreditation and reaccreditation. She highlighted dual purposes of accreditation (i) to correctly identify entities that are sufficiently capacitated to design and implement GCF projects and (ii) to help strengthen and streamline internal systems and capacities of the AEs and applicants. Olena emphasized that the accreditation process also assists the GCF in the implementation of its country-driven approach by identifying entities best placed to support the country’s climate goals.  

Finally, Yogesh Vyas, Senior International Expert, GCF Accreditation Panel, provided an overview of the mandate of the Accreditation Panel and the accreditation framework. In his presentation, Yogesh delved into what the accreditation process entails and what performance standards applicants must meet to be accredited. He also mentioned the consolidation of stages 1 and 2 of the accreditation process in the Updated Accreditation Framework. He underlined that this change would help streamline and facilitate the process for entities and applicants. In closing, Archi emphasized the need for clarity in GCF’s accreditation strategy, and Yogesh echoed Olena’s words underscoring the added value of the accreditation process in providing capacity building for the entities.