IEU at the What Works Global Summit 2022: Recovery and resilience

18 - 20 October 2022

  • Event type External event
  • Participation
    Open to the public
  • Date 18 - 20 October 2022
  • Location Online

The IEU will take part in two sessions of the What Works Global Summit (WWGS) held from 18 to 20 October. The theme of WWGS 2022 is “Recovery and resilience in crisis”. The conference will feature plenary sessions, thematic discussions to facilitate networking, panel discussions and a virtual poster exhibition hall. 

Susumu Yoshida, Prashanth Kotturi, Martin Prowse of the IEU take part in two sessions: "Innovations in impact evaluation and evidence synthesis" and "Knowledge translation and implementation." They will present the following topics: 

Wed, 19 October. Real-Time: Lessons from Impact Evaluation of Climate Change Interventions.

The IEU’s session will present LORTA’s impact evaluation report on GCF’s FP002 project in Malawi, which provides the first findings of the project’s causal impact evaluation and highlights the challenges and obstacles encountered during project implementation to enhance learning for the future implementations. The IEU will also give an overview of the LORTA programme’s capacity-building approach and discuss the relevance, benefits and challenges of conducting impact evaluations in the climate space, capacities challenges facing GCF project teams, and methodological advances.  

Wed. 19 October. Evidence review on behavioural change in developing countries  

The IEU's session will introduce the Evidence Review: Behavioural Science. This evidence gap map (EGM) consolidates evidence about the science behind interventions that encourage behaviours that propel environmental and development outcomes by individuals, households, communities, and firms in developing countries.

Wed. 20 October. Evaluation capacity-building efforts at the GCF  

The IEU's session will introduce a working paper that sets out to assess the existing capacities and identify systematic gaps of the Direct Access Entities (DAEs) of the GCF. This capacity-building needs assessment will feed into the IEU's Independent Synthesis on Direct Access in the GCF, which examines the efficiency and effectiveness of direct access within the GCF.  

Find out more on the WWGS Conference and register here.

The What Works Global Summit is a free virtual event presented by the The Campbell Collaboration, which aims to build bridges between research evidence, policymaking and practice on social science topics.