IEU webinar: What do we know about planning for measuring the impact of GCF's investment?

22 February 2023

  • Event type Webinar
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    Open to the public
  • Date 22 February 2023
  • Location Online

The GCF’s overall goal is to support a paradigm shift towards low-carbon, high-resilience pathways. To what extent are current GCF projects and programmes contributing to this goal? How can this be credibly measured so that the impact of the GCF can be accurately reported?  
On 22 February, IEU organized a webinar to address these questions and discuss key findings from its recently published learning paper “Evaluability Assessment of the GCF funding proposals,” including the progress in the ability of GCF projects to deliver a cost-effective impact on climate change and mitigation during the GCF-1 period.  
The talk featured presentations by the Head of the IEU, a.i. Andreas Reumann and Galyna Uvarova, Data and GIS Officer.