IEU at EES Online Event "Alternative Futures: Evaluation for a Just Transition"

14 - 16 November 2023

  • Event type External event
  • Participation
    Open to the public
  • Date 14 - 16 November 2023
  • Location Online

The IEU will take part in the EES Online Event "Alternative Futures: Evaluation for a Just Transition" taking place 15 - 16 November online. 

The event seeks answers to questions facing the contemporary evaluator: in a time of fast-paced change and overlapping (poly)crises, what role should evaluation play in this transition? How can our discipline, profession, community take a decisive and distinct part in the fast changing World? What would it take?The event will focus on the following three strands: 

  1. Changing how and what we value: Evaluation’s responsibility in defining alternative measures of success.
  2. Changing how we work: Evaluation models that work.
  3. Learning from others: Evaluation’s role in the polity.

During the event the IEU will present in the following session: 

Social and environmental sustainability and transformational change

Date: Thursday 16 November 2023
Time: 10:10am - 11:40am (CET) 


How can we measure transformational change? Lessons from the Green Climate Fund and Climate Investment Funds

This session shares findings from the recent evidence review of the GCF-IEU and CIF on transformational change, covering understandings of its different dimensions; signals of transformational change; and evaluative and learning processes that strengthen, deepen, and drive transformational change. The discussion will explore these topics in the context of climate change mitigation and in two sectors where there has been demonstrable progress: in energy and in behavioural change in public health.

The discussion will focus on how the study used the term signals (rather than indicators) to highlight that signs of transformational change are highly context-specific and temporal, and that universal measures or metrics are often inappropriate for the assessment of transformational change. Participants will walk away with an understanding of we can use more appropriate metrics for the people, planet and transformational change.

Speaker: Dr Martin Prowse, Evaluation Specialist, GCF Independent Evaluation Unit