IEU at B.34: Side event on 4 management action reports

18 October 2022

  • Event type IEU talk
  • Participation
    By invitation only
  • Date 18 October 2022
  • Location Incheon

The IEU prepared four management action reports (MARS) which were submitted as annexes to its B.34 activity report. The management action reports tracked the implementation of the recommendations made in the Rapid assessment of the GCF's Request for Proposals Modality (RFP2021), the Independent assessment of the GCF's Simplified Approval Process Pilot Scheme (SAP2020), the Independent evaluation of the GCF's Environmental and Social Safeguards and the Environmental and Social Management System (ESS2020), and the Independent evaluation of the GCF's Country Ownership approach (COA2019).

Andreas Reumann and Daisuke Horikoshi of the IEU shared insights from these four MARs with Board members, alternate members, advisors, and CSO/PSO observers on the side of the thirty-fourth meeting of the GCF's Board.