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To stay on top of international best practice and theory, the IEU participates actively and regularly in international evaluation-related events. It also shares information about many of these events. Here is a brief list of some important dates coming up in the next few months. Possibilities may also exist for your organisation to collaborate with IEU in a conference, seminar, workshop or similar. Share your ideas with us by emailing Courtland Matthews at [email protected]


22 March: Songdo, Korea - GCF/IEU - Lunch Talk: REDD+: Inside the Global Effort to Mitigate Climate Change and Protect Forests - The talk will discuss the REDD+ program and the role of forests in combatting climate change.

27-29 March: Bangkok, Thailand - UNESCAP - 6th Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development - This year the APFSD will address the theme "Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality."

10 April: Songdo, Korea - UNFCCC - 2019 Adaptation Forum by the Adaptation Committee - The Adaptation Forum will share key outcomes of the agri-food workshop of 2018 and facilitate dialogues on challenges and solutions.

15-19 April: Mannheim, Germany - GCF/IEU - C4ED - LORTA Design Workshop - The workship will include a panel discussion, keynote, and group activities focused on the power of impact evaluation and methods.

16-17 April: Washington, DC, USA  - 11th International Conference on Climate Change - The conference will address assessing impacts in divergent ecosystems.

23-24 April: Washington, DC, USA - CIF -  CIF Evaluation and Learning Initiative: Transformational Change Learning Partnership (TCLP) Workshop - The workshop aims to identify options and priorities for translating findings into useful guidance and promote utilization and uptake of most relevant TCLP findings and lessons.

8-12 May: Kyoto, Japan - IPCC - 49th Session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC 49) - The panel will produce the Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), a Methodology Report to refine the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Inventories, and three special reports.

13 May: Kyoto, Japan - GLF- Global Landscapes Forum Kyoto 2019 - GLF Kyoto will focus on sustainable landscapes as a critical part of the climate solution.

14-15 May: Nairobi, Kenya - UNEG- 2019 UNEG Evaluation Week- Evaluation Practice Exchange Seminar - The agenda is currently being prepared. The event is open to UNEG members and invited guests only.

17-27 June: Bonn, Germany - UNFCCC - Bonn Climate Change Conference - The agenda is being prepared.

1-3 July: Songdo, Korea - GCF - GCF Board Meeting 23 - The agenda is being prepared.

9-12 July: Accra, Ghana - ICED - 2019 Evidence to Action: Conference and Exhibition - The event will center on responsibility and accountability, examining evidence generation and use in support of Africa policy reform and development agenda.

15 July-2 August: Bern, Switzerland - International Program for Development Evaluation Training - The 2019 program will explore current developments in the field as well as approach different target groups with knowledge and experience in evaluation.

2-6 August: Location (TBD) - IPCC - 50th Session of the IPCC - The session will consider the Special Report on Climate Change and Land.

11-13 September: Bonn, Germany - DeGEval - Annual Conference on Evaluation and Sustainability - The conference will focus on sustainability and its role in evaluations.

23 September: New York, USA - UN - UN Climate Summit - The summit will focus on accelerating actions to implement the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

26 September: New York, USA - UN - UN High-Level Dialogue on Financing - The agenda is being prepared.

30 September-4 October: Prague, Czech Republic - Eval Forward - 2019 IDEAS Assembly - The event aims to establish a platform for various transformative initiatives to come together and work on establishing best practices and the way forward.

8-11 October: Bonn, Germany - Adaptation Fund - 34th Adaptation Fund Board Meeting - The agenda is being prepared.

15-17 October: Songdo, Korea - GCF- GCF Board Meeting 24 - The agenda is being prepared.

16-18 October: Santiago, Chile - Transformations Conference 2019 - The event aims to support transformative changes for addressing climate change and other contemporary societal and environmental challenges.

11-16 November: Minneapolis, USA - AEA - American Evaluation Association Annual Conference - An invitation for conversations among evaluators and thought leaders- on the evaluation profession's path forward.

2-13 December: Santiago, Chile - UNFCCC -UNFCCC COP 25 - The agenda is being prepared.