Second Performance Review (SPR) of the Green Climate Fund (SPR2023)

  • Evaluation type Performance review
  • Status On-going

The Governing Instrument of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) provides for periodic independent evaluations of the performance of the Fund in order to provide an objective assessment of the results of the Fund, including its funded activities and its effectiveness and efficiency.

In decision B.BM-2021/11, the Board of the GCF launched the Second Performance Review (SPR). The scope of the SPR will be to assess:

  • Progress made by GCF in delivering on its mandate as set out in the Governing Instrument as well as in terms of its strategic and operational priorities and actions as outlined in the Updated Strategic Plan for 2020–2023, in particular the extent to which GCF has: responded to the needs of developing countries and the level of country ownership; the ability of GCF to catalyse public and private climate finance, including the use of financial instruments; and supported the building of institutional capacity in developing countries and accredited entities;
  • Performance of GCF in promoting the paradigm shift towards low-emission and climate-resilient development pathways, including the effectiveness of the funded activities and its effectiveness and efficiency;

The GCF Board approved a budget of USD 1,315,000 for the second performance review as contained in document GCF/BM-2021/12.

The evaluation will also be informed by a synthesis of previous IEU evaluations and global evidence reviews.