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It is well accepted that action to reduce or adapt to climate change has been both insufficient and ineffective. A large part of this may be thought of as a failure of behavioural change.

The IEU’s Behaviour and Design Lab (BaD Lab) aims to apply insights from behavioural science to the IEU’s evaluations and the GCF’s investments, to understand and test what action may be useful to ensure a transformation in development pathways. The BaD Lab’s overarching objective is to assess how behavioural analysis and interventions can improve GCF investments by identifying common barriers to action and testing best practices in developing country contexts while leveraging international expertise.

Recognizing that supplying investments is not sufficient, the IEU’s BaD Lab focuses primarily on ‘last mile’ challenges. There is clearly a gap between providing resources and services on one hand and action/behaviour of individuals on the other. Started in 2019, the IEU’s BaD Lab aims to further the IEU’s mandate to build capacity and be a leader in the field of evaluation.